What is rBlock?
A location-based communication network that enables you to communicate privately with every user who lives around you, or interactively with your local government, local businesses or local organizations, while protecting your privacy.

How does rBlock protect my privacy?
You register on your block.  rBlock then puts a privacy wall between you and every other user.  rBlock also puts another privacy wall around your block, so that your block can share information privately.  Finally, rBlock connects your block to every other block, so you can communicate with everyone around you.

How can I be sure that my block remains private?
Once your block has three users, the only residents who can join it immediately are those who are invited by its users.

How does rBlock enable me to eliminate SPAM?
rBlock gives you full control as a receiver, so that senders cannot spam you.  First, you choose the geographic scope of your communications.  Second, you choose what types of postings you wish to receive and view.  Third, you can turn updates to any posting off or on, if you've lost or gained an interest in that posting.

How does rBlock help me build trust?
rBlock facilitates and catalyzes your communications with everyone around you.  Each time you use rBlock, you strengthen the norm of trust and reciprocity that benefits everyone around you.

How do I use rBlock?
There are five ways you can use rBlock: 1) Invite nearby residents to join; 2) Send information to those around you; 3) Receive information from those around you;  4) Comment whenever you can contribute; and 5) Vote anonymously on information.

Why should I vote?
Each time you vote on a posting, you raise or lower the likelihood that others will view it and comment on it.   This is because the postings with the most votes appear in the Most Popular Activity section of rBlock.

Can I use rBlock while I'm on the go?
rBlock has an iPhone app so you can stay connected while you're out and about. The app enables you to comment and anonymously vote on any posting that you can view.

What does rBlock want me to know?
Unlike social networks and commercial sites which can be hyper-active, jarring and intrusive, rBlock is low-key, calm and pleasant. Some say that this comes at a cost to rBlock, since you are never prompted or cajoled into inviting, posting, commenting or voting.  But it's well worth it if it leads you to do these on your own initiative, again and again, until half of your block is on rBlock.  Since it's private, it's up to you to drive it.

Why are there postings on rBlock?
Postings are how you send and receive information, and posting comments are how the information leads to communication among nearby users.   This makes it very easy for you to use rBlock in a controlled manner.   Your alert and discussion postings enable you to communicate privately, within a block radius of your choice. Your neighborhood postings enable you to communicate privately with your neighborhood. And your news postings enable you to communicate privately with your city.

What factor makes my experience most valuable on rBlock?
Since rBlock unlocks the value of your proximity to others, and theirs to you, the single most important factor that drives how much value you get from this network is how many other residents nearby have joined. So inviting those who live closest to you is the best way to increase the value of your network.

How do I register on rBlock?
Use the Register button on our homepage to receive a registration email, or if you know an rBlock user, ask them to send you an invitation email. Once you receive the registration or invitation email, click the link and then enter your zip code. Then select your street and block, and complete a short form.

Am I eligible to join?
All residents are eligible users. rBlock considers you to be an eligible user if you live or work in your city. If you live in the city, please register on the block where you live, otherwise register on the block where you work.

How do I invite other residents to register on rBlock?
Once you log in at, click the Invite button and enter the email addresses of other residents you know in your city. Please note that they may appreciate your contacting them directly first, before you invite them to join rBlock.

Why do I receive updates via email?
The posting and commenting activity of users around you generates periodic email updates that enable you to stay connected and participate. You decide how frequently you receive these updates, or whether to receive them at all.  You also decide whether to receive the immediate email notifications generated by alerts nearby.

If I still have privacy concerns, how can I address them?
Your privacy is very important and rBlock has defined a new standard by giving you more control over your user experience than any other site.  Having said this, if you are ever concerned about whether posting something might compromise your privacy, please err on the side of caution and refrain from doing so.

How do I provide feedback to rBlock?
To provide feedback, please click the Feedback tab on the left side of every page when logged into rBlock and give us your feedback, or email us at feedback at rBlock dot com.

How do I unsubscribe from rBlock?
To unsubscribe, please click My Account followed by My Profile. Then select the Unsubscribe button.

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