Privacy:  after the third resident joins your block, it becomes completely private. This means that other residents can only join your Block if they're invited or accepted by your Block.

Safety:  invite residents on your Block to support safety concerns big and small. Receive announcements from the City about disasters, crime, and power outages.  Receive alerts from nearby residents about strangers or missing bicycles.  Receive support-during a major crisis, or when your teenage son forgets his key on a rainy day after school.

Share costs on the tree cutter, the house painter, the window washer: invite residents on your Block. Saving money by sharing costs is one of many great reasons to invite residents to join rBlock. We all get so busy.  You hear the sound of the chain saw up the street and think...if only we had known.  We need tree trimming too.  I know we could have gotten a deal if we had shared costs.  rBlock makes this kind of simple communication easy.

Shop local and take advantage of local offers: the more users on your Block, the more savings for your Block. Shop local and save local by getting special offers from the businesses around your Block.  Next time you are in your favorite store or restaurant on University Avenue, California Avenue, in Midtown or anywhere in Palo Alto, tell the business owner to sign up for rBlock.  Then start promoting their business on your Block!

In support of lemonade stands and candy bar drives: invite parents to join rBlock. The Bay Area is the capital of start-ups.  We celebrate entrepreneurs of all ages.  And when our youngest entrepreneurs set out to raise capital for cookies, candy, or organic lemonade, supportive parents may be concerned about promotion or safety.  rBlock has an app for that!  Help create a safe and supportive marketplace for your kids, and peace of mind for you.

Sell local conveniently and safely:  the more people on your Block, the larger your marketplace. With rBlock, how convenient is it to sell your daughter's out-grown bicycle to someone on your Block?  No loading the bike in the car.   They know you, and trust your family has cared for the bike-it's a win-win for all concerned.

Carpool lane buddies:  invite residents on your Block and discover your new best friend. It's 8 PM.  You have a major presentation at 9 AM in San Francisco.  Your regular carpool buddy calls and tells you he's sick.  Send a message to your Block residents and find a carpool substitute who's going to help you get a good night's sleep.

Freecycle within in your own Block: invite residents on your Block to freecycle with you. Who doesn't love freecycling?  Challenges arrive when the freecycler wants the item picked up within an hour and it's across town.  With rBlock, freecycling is easier because your geographic community is smaller and your relationship with your community is more encompassing.  With rBlock, you have your have your safety support, your carpool buddy and your freecycling community all in one.

Give local:  invite your favorite charity or faith-based organization to join rBlock. We want to give.  But often by the time we hear of a need, it's too late to respond.  With rBlock, local charities and faith-based organizations can communicate their needs immediately, and residents can respond easily.  There is something very human and satisfying about giving to a local need, person or family.  There is something tangible about that kind of giving that just feels real and good.

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